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Summer Rose Fieber

Hi I’m Summer Rose and working in the beauty industry is more then just a job to me!


I have always had a love for doing hair and makeup and anything having to do with helping someone feel confident and amazing. There's new tricks and techniques coming out every week, I'm constantly doing my own research on these techniques to ensure the utmost beautifying service for my clients. There's no better feeling in the world than knowing I'm able to  give my clients the comfort and reassurance that they will leave my chair looking beautiful. Nothing makes me happier then seeing a clients reaction to their amazing new transformation; their big smile while being  speechlessly in love and shock with what I can accomplish for them!


When I am not at work, I am spending time with my family and my son making memories. Swimming or going on adventures are what makes my son happy and there is nothing better in life then seeing my son happy, growing, and having the best time of his life and being able to enjoy that time with him!






Box Braids



Color Correction




Mens' Color

Mens' Cuts

Mens' Fade

Special Occasion Styling

Womens' Cuts


Instagram: beauty_rose98

Salon Phone:


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"I’ll be honest I loved Summer Rose more than the hair. She was AMAZING and took her time and tried her hardest to give me everything I asked for. I came in hoping to have a red balayage and my roots darker, I was a little taken aback when I was told by another stylist what I should do and they quickly talked me out of it, saying my roots were dark enough and I could save some expense. The other girls handling my hair were beyond kind as can be, they made sure I was well taken care of. So I made sure I tipped enough for them. Overall Summer Rose did an amazing job! She knew I didn’t want to be “sun kissed” and did everything possible to meet my needs. Wherever hard work, respect, and kindness is honored ,the price is never an issue. I will be coming back!"     - Veronica A

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